By Brian Selznick

Do you sometimes wish you could read two books at once?  If so, then Wonderstruck is the book for you!  Two stories weaving back and forth, one in pictures, the other in words, until the stories meet. To see when  they meet, go find the book yourself.  I suggest this book to 3rd to 5th graders.  This book is a graphic novel.




To Dance


Graphic Novel  Review

To Dance by Siena Cherson Siegel

Dear  reader,

Have you ever been told “No you can’t do that” “No you can’t do that because of this”? Well, do I have the book for you! This book is called To Dance written by Sina Cherson Sigel and the art work is by Mark Sigel. I absolutely know those two are related somehow. I think this book would probably be good for girls in second to fifth grade. I think girls that age would like it because it is about ballet. It is a fictional graphic novel.

I like this book because the panels are so colorful. My connection is that I love to dance and I’m begging my parents to go to dance class. This book is about a girl who grows up doing ballet. She goes to the doctor who says she can’t dance because she has flat feet . Her mom believes in her and sends her to dance class anyway. Will she become a great ballerina even though she has flat feet? Read this book to find out!

Reviewed by Savannah



Graphic Novel ReviewOwly by Andy Runton

Have you ever wanted to read a graphic novel with not many words?  Then you should read Owly.  The author is Andy Runton.  He is also the illustrator.  I think this book is K-3rd because it doesn’t have many words and I think this would be too easy for 4th grade.

I think this book is funny because Owly tried to do something nice but at the end of the story they needed.  It was like when I downloaded a birthday app for my brother, but he didn’t want it, but at his birthday he needed it.

Owly is building a bird house for a bird and put a welcome sign on it.  The bird doesn’t want it, find out why the bird needs the birdhouse in the end, and read Owly.  There are a lot more Owly books.

Reviewed by Palmer

Fashion Kitty and the Unlikely Hero


Graphic Novel Review

Fashion kitty and the Unlikely Hero

Fashion kitty is a good book.  It’s about a normal kitty who is really a super fashion hero who loves fashion and helping people.  It is by Charise Mericle Harper.  This book is one of the best Graphic Novel I ever read.

This to my life because I really like book relates heroes and helping people.  I also really enjoy fashion. The inking is mostly light pastels. The panels make it easy to read the story.

Fashion kitty is a fan of fashion but not  a  fan of her principal. Principal Rumple is like a nightmare to her. Principal Rumple wants to ruin fashion!!!!!!!  What will fashion kitty do? Well if you want to find out read it!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Natalie

Hamster and Cheese


Graphic Novel Review – Final Draft

Hamster and Cheeze by Coleen AF Venable

Have you ever wondered how you would solve a mystery?  Well, I think you should read the book Hamster and Cheeze!  In this fictional graphic novel the author is Coleen AF Venable and the illustrator is Stephanie Yue. I think grades 2            through 5th should read this book. I think this because it is too hard for k and 1 and too easy for middle school kids. My opinion on this book is…I would give it 5 stars out of 5. I think grades 2            through 5th should read this book. I think this because it is too hard for k and 1 and too easy for middle school kids.

I love this book because it is awesome. It is awesome because they solve a mystery .This book has lots of animals like: Hamsters, Parrots, Rabbits, and Fish. I really like animals. This book is very funny! I think the panels are funky because some are in different shapes.  The inking is very colorful and well drawn.

If you have your TV or computer on, turn that off and start reading this! It is better than that! So please read this book. If you want to read this than you’ll be awesome because graphic novels help you become a better reader. Who’s going to be the sandwich stealer? I don’t know, find out in the book:  Hamster and Cheeze!

Reviewed by Jake

Owly Just a Little Blue


Graphic Novel Review


Just a little Blue

By:  Andy Runton

Have you ever wondered what a owl does for a living? Well you have to then read Owly Just a little Blue.(It is a graphic novel for  kids.)  it is written by   Andy Runton.   I   would recommend it for grades 1-3 boys and girls.

I think it is a great book and you will too! I am like owly because I like to help birds.  The panels are different sizes throughout the book.  The speech bubbles don’t have any words, but, they add an occasional sounds, actions, or symbols.

This book is about an owl that tries to help some birds but the birds just fly away.  Until, on a stormy day one of the birds gets trapped.  What will owly do?  Will he help the birds?  Find out in Owly, Just a Little Blue!! !    You can find it at your local library.  I give this book 5 stars out of 5.

Reviewed by Henry



Graphic Novel Review

UFO’s by Jack DeMolay

Do you ever  wonder  if  aliens  exzist …. if  you do  this  is  the  book  for  you  ufos  by  Jack  Demolay  .   This  is  the  story  of   what  some    people  belivevd  happened    in  Roswell  new  Mexico   in  the  summer  of  1947 .   I  wod      recmenod   it  for    kids 1st

Reviewed by Gabriel

Robot Dreams


Dear Reader,

Do you like robots and fictional graphic novels? If you do ROBOT DREAMS is the perfect book for you! I think kindergarten to 3rd grade would like this book. Both female and male too! It is by Sara Varnon.

My rating for this book is four out of five stars. It relates to my life because the 2nd main character is a dog and my favorite animal is a dog. I really like the panels because they really show the background good. The inking is a mixture of grays and colorful pictures.

Dog makes a robot and they have so much fun! They watch movies, eat, go to the library, and more! Then one day Dog takes Robot to the beach and Robot gets lost! Will dog find him? Read the book to find out!

Reviewed by Cate

Babysitter’s Club


Dear Reader,
Do you like to baby-sit? If you do I have the rite book for you. It’s called The Baby-sitters club by Raina Teelgemeir. This book is a realistic fiction graphic novel. In my opinion that a teenager or adult would like this book because it’s something they might want to do.
The panels in this book are wavy, curly spikey, long, and swirly. The panels in this book are sometimes long and some times deep. Even though the book has no color the inking is awesome. This book relates to me because Claudia the main character is a really cool baby sitter. She reminds me of one of my baby sitters who is a really cool guy.
This story is about a girl named Claudia. She sometimes has a miserable life because of her mean sister. When her friend comes with a good idea for a play group she gets better of but when her grandma gets stroke she gets put all out of hand. So if you want this book go to the Barrow Library and get it first.

Sincerely, Ben

Lunch Lady


Graphic Novel Review – Lunch Lady by Jarrett J. Krosoczka


If you are a food eating fan or a mystery book fan check out Lunch Lady by Jarrett J. Krosoczka at your local library. The kids that would like are kids that like boxcar children and lunch lady lovers.

I like mystery books like boxcar children the boxcar children and lunch lady are alike except lunch lady serves justice at the school. The boxcar children are Christians that solve mysteries in thaw comity.  The inking is in the colors black, white, and yellow. I think that Jarrett J. krosoczka did this because it fits the theme of the story and it helps pictures stand out. The panels are different in size duping on the scene. Some panels don’t even have gutters.

In lunch lady an author visits Thompson Brook school and don’t sign a book. The author hypnotizes gym teachers. Why doesn’t the author sign a book? Why does he hypnotize the gym teachers? Read lunch lady to find out what happens next and how lunch lady saves the day.